Mission Statement

The mission of Brandon Literacy Council Inc. is to empower individuals by providing them with opportunities to improve their skills, which include adult literacy and adult learning center programming, thus allowing them to participate more fully in life.

Vision Statement

Our vision is that residents of Brandon and area will have full, equal and immediate access to opportunities, which include adult literacy and adult learning center programming. This will aid in developing essential and life skill competencies necessary for improved health, education, employment, economic standing and full social engagement resulting in overall better quality of life for families and the community.

Event Posters

UpSkills Poster (Oct 1-17, 2019) Mornings
UP Skills Morning Workshops

UpSkills Poster (Oct 1-17, 2019) Afternoons
UP Skills Afternoon Workshops

Food Safe Level 1, Nov 8 2019, 8:30am - 4:30pm, $75/person
Food Safe Level 1

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