• What hours do the staff at BLC work?

Staff hours, as well as their roll here at BLC, a short bio, and their contact information can be found by clicking here.

  • How old do I have to be to attend BLC?

BLC offers adult learning and literacy programming. Applicants under the age of 18 are admitted on an individual basis, please contact our classroom directly to inquire about registering. At this time, BLC is not offering tutoring services for youths under high school level (below grade 9). Please check back for updates as we are working to address this need.

If you are a high school student that is currently registered at a Manitoba high school and would also like to complete credits at BLC, please click here for Adult Learning and Literacy’s Enrolment of Under-Age Learners at Adult Learning Centres (ALCs) policy.

  • Does BLC offer tutoring?

BLC currently does not offer tutoring to anyone not registered in one of our programs. In the future, BLC is hoping to add tutoring services. For those interested, Brandon Friendship Center Adult Education is currently offering free tutoring to anyone in K-12 and beyond. For more information phone (204)726-1830.

  • Why would I take high school courses at BLC?

Learners who have not obtained a high school diploma may be able to earn credits towards a diploma at BLC. The Province offers the following options:

Mature Student High School Diploma (MSHSD): The MSHSD is equivalent to a regular high school diploma. Learners can earn some or all of the 8 high school credits needed for their MSHSD at BLC. This option is for learners that either have some credits or no credits at the high school level.

Regular High School Diploma (Senior Years Diploma): If you have the majority of the high school credits needed to graduate with a regular (30 credit) high school diploma, BLC may be able to fill in the gaps needed for you to graduate.

Post-Grad Credits: Learners who already have graduated with a high school diploma can still earn additional high school credits at BLC. You might want post-grad credits to improve a previously earned mark in a course, as an entrance requirement to a college or university, or as an employment requirement.

For more information on MSHSD/Senior Years Diploma, click here.

  • Can I get my GED at BLC?

BLC does not offer GED prep or testing at this time. If you are interested in the GED, please contact Samaritan House for info on their GED program or click here to visit Manitoba Advanced Education, Skills, and Immigration for information on GED testing in Manitoba. Although BLC does not offer programming specific to the GED, we do provide literacy programming that aims to improve learners reading, writing, and numeracy skills and may be of benefit to those interested in writing the GED. We can also assess your skill to provide you feedback regarding your readiness for the GED.

  • How often do I have to attend my program at BLC?

Attendance is required for success in your ALC and/or ALP program. BLC expects all learners registered in their programs to have regular, meaningful contact with their teacher or instructor. Any learner that has no contact with BLC for 3 months will be removed from their program. If after this time a learner wants to continue with their program, they will be required to resubmit registration forms. If there is a wait list for the course you are interested in, you will be placed in priority sequence. You will be required to have another plan meeting where BLC staff will do what they can to help you resolve the issue(s) that interfered with your attendance. You will be placed under probation for one month. If during that month your attendance/progress is again an issue, you will once again be removed from your program and unable to reapply for programming until the next program year. However, BLC recognizes that unexpected life circumstances may interrupt learners programming, and for that reason may make an exception to the 3 month attendance policy for those that ask in writing.

  • What does program delivery look like at BLC? Do I have to attend regular classes?

BLC does not offer regularly scheduled classes. The ALC and ALP programs are individualized and offered on a drop-in basis only. Once you are a learner registered in either of these programs, no appointment is necessary to come to the classroom to work on your course work or meet with your instructor to go over your assignments. All registered learners are expected to have regular, meaningful contact with their teacher or instructor. Keep in mind, not all teachers/instructors are available during BLCs operating hours, so please check with your teacher/instructor to ensure they are available before you come in to meet with them. For staff schedules and contact info please click here.

  • Does BLC offer programming for English language proficiency test preparation (e.g IELTS, TOFEL)?

Although BLC does not offer programming specific to these tests, we do provide literacy programming that aims to improve learners reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills and may be of benefit to those interested in taking English language proficiency testing. Keep in mind, that EAL learners are required to be at a CLB Level 4 to attend literacy programming at BLC.