Registration Appointments

New learners are accepted into our program on a continuous basis. If you would like to attend our program, we can mail, email, or prepare a registration package for you to pick up. Or you can fill out the forms in the Registration Package below. Please return your completed registration forms, including the Introductory Writing Piece, to the classroom. We will call and set up a registration appointment for you at the classroom to review your returned forms. At this appointment, we will complete any paperwork that needs to be completed, verify your ID, and take your picture for our records.

Please note that due to our scheduled reporting periods, registration appointments will not be conducted during the months of January and June.

Initial Assessments

Assessments are prepared for you after your registration appointment has been completed. The assessments help us to know where to start you in your programming. They will help us to know what your strong points are and build on them and to find strategies to help compensate for your weak points. Assessments must be completed at the classroom. These assessments can be started the same day as your registration appointment, or you can start them on another day.

Please note that initial assessments must be completed within one (1) month of your registration appointment to continue in the program. If not, you will be required to re-register and begin this process again.

Learning Plans and Goal Setting

Learning plans are tailored to your needs and will help you to meet your goals. Your assessment results will determine if your learning plan meeting is with the Literacy Supervisor or Education Director. At the learning plan meeting, the Literacy Supervisor or Education Director will:

  • Go over the results of your assessments
  • Discuss your goals and together set realistic goals and outcomes
  • Talk about your timeline (when you want to be done)
  • Develop your learning plan
  • Answer any questions you may have

Learning plans are created with input from both you and the Literacy Supervisor or Education Director. Learning plans will have short-term goals that will help you to know if you are on track to meet your long-term goals. Learning plans and goals are reviewed and revised regularly and can be changed or adjusted whenever you both decide that it is appropriate.

Please note that as per BLC’s Learner Agreement, active participation is required in the program. Therefore, if you have had no contact with BLC for three (3) months, you will be required to re-register and begin this process again.

Registration Package

The following four (4) Registration Forms will need to be completed and returned to the classroom:

  1. Learner Registration Form
  2. Learner Consent Form
  3. Learner Introductory Writing Piece
  4. Learner Demographic Form